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Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep your Apartment Cool this Summer

It’s just March, and the mercury is already soaring to never-before heights. Sure, the easiest way to cool off is switching on your air conditioner. This is not only the most expensive way; it’s also harmful for the environment and our planet. You may wonder how you can manage to do this in an apartment in Calicut! Here goes:

Bring in the outdoors: have potted plants throughout your apartment. If you have a balcony, then keep a few there as well. They are a soothing sight for the eyes and your mind will be calm, helping you feel cool.

Apply Window film: sun-control or similar reflective films can absorb almost 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and up to 79% of the heat from the sun. This will not only keep the heat out, but also keep your curtains and sofa fabric from fading.

Install light coloured shades and/or blinds, and you can bring down the temperature of your room by 10 to 20 degrees. Keep curtains or blinds drawn in the daytime to keep out the heat.

● Cool the Kitchen: Try to reduce cooking – especially deep frying, on hot days. Go for baked, steamed foods, salads, sandwiches, grilled food and so on. These will not let out much heat, and are also soothing for the tummy!

Prevent air leaks by sealing around electrical sockets, doors, and windows with weather-stripping or similar material.

Switch on only those lights that are absolutely essential. Use natural light as much as possible, and make sure you have environment-friendly CFL or LED lamps that don’t give out much heat.

If you think that it’s not possible to live in Calicut apartments without an A/C, do make sure of the following:

● The capacity is appropriate for your room. A smaller tonnage A/C will take longer to cool the room, increasing your consumption and bill.

● Look for a machine that has a high Energy Star rating (consumes less power)

● Your A/C is installed and maintained properly; remove any debris from around the compressor, and provide a shade for it.

● Use timers or power-efficient modes that are available on modern machines, to reduce the usage and consumption.

If you’re looking at apartments for sale in Calicut, you have come to the right place! Set in a spacious area with plenty of trees surrounding the buildings, our buildings – HiLITE Corinth and HiLITE Leptis are guaranteed to stay cool in this sweltering summer.

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