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Top 11 Office Reception Interior Design Ideas In Kerala

We all known that the first impression that you create lasts forever. Even if you are in business with the partner or you are not. You only get one chance to impress the person that is seeing you and your workplace for the first time. Although, you may get other chances but those will be just a consolation prize for you. There are a lot of interior designing firms in every city that help you design the office in such a way that the client feels warm and has a feeling of friendliness in the atmosphere. The layout and the design should be pleasing to the eye and should calm the stressed mind. For that, you have to first develop your office reception area. There are many office reception interior design ideas available on the internet and you can also find interior design ideas from the companies working in this field. Let us look at office reception layout ideas and designs for building a front reception office area that is meant to please your customers or associates when they enter.

Interior designing has always been an integral part of a building, be it commercial or residential. Interior design is popularly “defined” as the art and science of understanding people’s behaviour and create functional spaces in a building.

Thus, interior designing must always be done according the prospect of the people using the building or those visiting it. A good interior design never goes out of style. In fact, a good designer can transform a small office reception area into something stunning.

Here are 11 Office Reception Interior Design Ideas For offices in Kerala.

1. The lobby

The lobby is by far the most important part of a reception and hence the one that has to be looked into deeply by the designer. Be it small office reception areas or reasonably large ones, the office reception layout must always must have a definite focus on the layout of the lobby.

Hence the designer can go all out on the lobby by giving it a vast expanse look even if it is a small office reception area. After all ‘First impressions are the best impressions’. Since the office reception design ideas we are discussing here are for Kerala, the designer can have items relevant to that of Kerala culture, like houseboats or any other cultural entity.

2. The entrance

The entrance is yet another first impression creator for people entering the office. Hence, office entrance design is yet again another aspect which the designer has to focus on. A mainstream business establishment would not opt for a design in the entrance, and would rather go with stereotypical glass door entrances. However, Small establishments requiring publicity through sight would rather go with the designs recommended; especially, establishments pertaining to travel would hire designers (or design it themselves) so that the entrance displays the culture of Kerala (which is discussed here). The designer can install artificial coconut groves or, on a lower budget hang anything related to the culture of Kerala in the entrance.

3. Reception area design

Reception area design depends upon various factors like budget and size of the office reception. For offices having small office reception area, it would be recommended that the reception area be compact. As only one or two receptionists are commonly appointed in small offices, the reception needs only to be small and trim. A small reception desk with a chair or two could work in an amazing way. The reception area, if placed in a corner of the room would look more convincing leaving more space for the waiting area and other amenities. The office could also go a little high on the budget and dangle a couple of swords with an armour, just to give a whisper of the Keralite culture.

4. Waiting areas

Waiting-areasWaiting areas are often an underrated concept when it comes to an office design ideas, with chairs or sofas just strewn around the reception area, wherever ample space is available. Although the visitors are comfortably seated, the design often is uninspired. For small office reception area, although the carpet area, maybe small, small compact couches can take the ambience of the room to a different level. The colour of the couches also play an important role in maintaining and improving the ambience of the room. Usually dark coloured couches are usually preferred to match the light walls in various medical establishments where ambience is of the least concern. However, in other establishments associated with Entertainment, dark couches on a dark background are preferred.

5. Culture

Huge business establishments do not usually find the need to bring in the culture of the state in which the office is housed in. However small establishments do integrate culture into their establishments, especially in the reception area, where indigenous people are usually appointed. An indication of culture usually does more good than it does harm. Small office reception layout ideas often integrate cultural bits and pieces with the whole other concept. In some other establishments, the whole cultural thing can be taken as a theme and executed.

6. Ambience

By far the most important aspect for any reception area design concept. A good interior designer will always keep in mind to impart a proper and appropriate ambience to the building. Imparting ambience includes the mindset of the designer and the owner. The ambience of the reception area is mostly improved by using proper shades of lighting coupled with suitable shades of paint for the walls. In establishments relating to entertainment, the reception area usually consists of lampshades of soft light. This can be upped to the next level by adorning the walls with paintings(usually oil) of Raja Ravi Varma or of that sorts and beautifying it with soft yellow light falling on it, against a dark (usually shades of red). Checkout here for different wall painting ideas in Kerala.

7. A Relaxed Layout

A-Relaxed-LayoutThe associate visiting you might be very busy with his office work too. He has taken his own time out and has come to visit you. You would not like him to stress more and fire you just because the reception was not too friendly and he felt insulted or mistreated. Reception area design concept was to ensure that the client feels homely and wanted. Now what does a relaxed layout mean? A relaxed layout means as simple as you should not put chairs but put couches to ensure that the waiting time of the client is comfortable. Also, have a carpet on the floor which gives the reception a classy look. You can also put a coffee table in which they can enjoy beverage with some cookies while they get ready for the meeting. Make sure that the wallpapers are not too bright and designer. Try to keep the colors solid and if you want a designer, go for abstract designs wallpaper. You can also put a bowl of branded chocolates and a pen box from where they can borrow a pen or a pencil in case they forget to save from embarrassment.

8. Keep it practical

Many office lobby design ideas include a lot of objects being placed on the way. Objects such as a plant, dustbin, water cooler, etc. But honestly, they do not enhance the aesthetic appeal. They just make the lobby messy. If your client is clumsy and they trip over something, they would take the embarrassment very personally affecting your relation with them. So try and keep the area as clear as possible. Yes, you can put showpieces but make sure they are not many and are not in the way.

9. Advertise your brand

You might have seen television screens put up in the reception area. You can do that too. The achievements of your company, social work done, ‘how is the product made’ video, etc. tend to interest your client. So put them on a display in the television in reception area. Your office logo should also be placed in the reception area. It can be next to the door or behind the receptionist. But small office reception area design ideas do not really recommend this. As it might fill up the room and there may not be much space to breathe.

10. Warm atmosphere

What all can you do to make the client feel welcomed? You can have some soft music playing in the background which is instrumental and not very loud. You can also have the hospitality team trained to offer water and beverages when the client steps into the office. You can make sure that you stick to the appointment timings and not let the client wait much. This will make the client feel relaxed and ensure positive vibes around.

11. The reception desk

The-reception-deskA messy reception desk is what the client first looks at. Train your receptionist to keep their desk clean with all the unwanted objects under the desk and keep it organized. There are small reception area ideas which you can refer to if the area of reception is not very wide. Moreover, office entrance design should be such that they can see the reception desk directly and not ask for guidance.

A new method or experiment that is being tried out is the use of matching music with the interiors. Although this is often used in restaurants and other entertainment establishments, usage in small scale establishments is yet to be fully discovered. In conclusion, office reception interior design ideas are not many in number, as in, everything being interconnected. Choose the right style for the right space and it can work wonders. These are few tips and designs that you can look for while making your office. You can refer to other designs on the internet as well as consult interior designers for the same.

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