Tips for Planning the Perfect Party in your Apartment

It’s the holiday season – which means organizing and attending parties! With so many people living in apartments in Calicut, many are perplexed as to how to pull off a great party; you want your party to be talked about and remembered, and yet you don’t want to mess up your home. Don’t fret! Here are some simple tips that will help you throw the most amazing parties in your Calicut flat.

  • Rearrange your furniture: Simple, huh? You’d be amazed how many people don’t think of this; many are reluctant to do so too. But it’s essential you create enough free space in your living room, so move out your heavy sofas or other furniture and place compact but comfy chairs, especially if you’re expecting more guests. Have a table in the center with drinks and snacks so that it becomes easy for people to help themselves when they want. If you have any furniture you think will hamper movement, stash it in one of the other rooms to create space.
  • Use mood lighting: Candles, tea lights, string lights, warm white lights – anything that creates a party atmosphere. Also, it’s so much fun compared to the boring old CFLs we use every day. Softer, dimmer lights make for a cozy atmosphere – not to say it will hide small stains, dust and so on, if you haven’t had the time for a thorough cleaning before the party!
  •  Give sneak peeks: Print out your menu and paste it in a couple of places in the living room so that your guests have an idea of what will be served. This will help create some excitement and involve your guests more in the experience.
  • Keep a free area: Guests will bring along handbags, jackets, helmets – that they obviously don’t want to carry about the whole time. Rather than make them dump it on their seats every time they want to get up for food or just talk to others, mark an area for your guests to keep all this stuff so that it’s safe, and they are free.
  • Keep utensils required to a minimum: If snacks can be served with just a paper napkin, all the better! Too much disposable stuff means you’re going to have lots of trash, and if you use dozens of plates, it means you’ll have tons of washing to do the next day!
  • Spread the food: Let’s face it; the main focus at any party is the food. Wherever the food is, you will find people grouped around it, or lined up. So rather than have it in just one place, place the food on a few tables spread around your apartment. This way you can avoid overcrowding at any one place.

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