What sets HiLite City Apartments Apart from other Projects

So you’re interested in Calicut real estate, but are unsure which project to invest in; the choice can seem tough, seeing as there are so many projects, both completed and in progress, with each builder claiming theirs as the best!

So how will you make the decision? We’d like to tell you what sets our apartments in Calicut HiLite City a notch above other projects.

In HiLite City we have 2 major buildings, HiLite Corinth and HiLite Leptis. It goes without saying that as one of the major builders in Calicut, we have ensured superior construction quality and well thought out layouts for both the buildings themselves, and the individual apartments too. Only the best construction materials have been used, to ensure that the buildings are sturdy and can withstand adverse weather. The location is great, and the surroundings are beautifully landscaped to bring a sense of calm, and the apartment buildings are equipped with all the modern amenities you may expect in a world-class accommodation.

But, you may think that this is the least you expect from a builder! So what is different about HiLite City?

The difference is that both Corinth and Leptis are part of a mixed-use development called HiLite City – a township-like project, if you will. HiLite City has residential buildings, a huge shopping mall that boasts the biggest and brightest national and international brands, fun and games arcade, and an eclectic food court with multi-level parking, and a business part with premium office spaces.

This means that when you purchase an apartment in HiLite City, you’re never too far away from work, shopping or entertainment! The place is lively almost round-the-clock; high people traffic increases safety, as undesirable elements cannot lurk about unnoticed; you can cut down your travel time significantly as all that you need is within walking distance.

In spite of a common entrance, you still have privacy and security for our apartments in Calicut HiLite City; in spite of being close to a mall, you’re still saved from the noise and hub-bub, the way the buildings are constructed and placed.

Being close to one of the major highways in the city, traveling to and from the city center is easy, and access to public transport is plentiful. Hospitals, educational institutions, and other restaurants are situated close by too.

HiLite City is the first mixed-use development in Kerala. Come, experience futuristic and luxurious living with us. Check out our properties for sale in Calicut for more details, or call us on +91 9847 33 22 44  now.

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