How to Make your Apartment Smart

This is the time of smart things and smart people – we have Smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches, and now of course, smart homes! Why should apartments be any different? Here we present a few ideas and tools to convert your Calicut flat into a smart one!

  • Lighting: smart light bulbs let you transform the lighting in any space. You can set color choices and offer phone control. Motion detecting lights also help you save money and effort; they switch on and off automatically when a door is opened or closed, or when someone passes through a specific place.
  • Door Lock: Smart locks make it easy to let in your guests even when you’re not at home. The lock is linked to your Smartphone which acts as a virtual key so that you can allow designated persons to come in. Let’s say you left something on the gas; you can allow your trusted neighbor to come in and switch it off.
  • Security: You can install a home security camera like Homeboy that is capable of 30 seconds video playback. Tiny and with a rechargeable battery, the camera has adhesive and magnetic sides that let you mount it wherever you want. It sends sounds and visuals to your phone, and uses only low power Wi-Fi; this means you don’t need to keep it switched on the whole day.
  • Monitoring: Monitors like Smart Alert Nightlight send alerts to your Smartphone if your smoke alarm is set off; if you don’t respond, the alarm will be sent to a set of pre-designated friends. It also monitors humidity and temperature. You can also install a smart home kit in your apartment in Calicut that allows you to connect your existing appliances to the internet. These easy to use kits can be installed quickly. You can get alerts if you’ve left your refrigerator open, your A/C running, and so on.
  • Automation: You can also set up your lights, air conditioner and a few other devices to switch on via your Smartphone, and even respond to voice commands. So if you’re returning home and it’s a hot day, you can have your A/C switched on from your Smartphone so that your room is nice and cool when you get home. Voice automated lighting is helpful especially if you’re tired or sick; just say ‘lights off’ and they will be turned off. No more getting up to switch them off!

HiLite Builders offer premium 2 and 3 BHK flats in Calicut with all the latest amenities and facilities for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. With just a few tweaks, you can convert this luxurious apartment into a smart home! 

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