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How to Decorate your Apartment Living Room on a Low Budget?

A living room is a place where every family member and friends come together and go for some chatting and gossiping. So, everyone wants to create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere for the living room. If your living room is cluttered and untidy, then it will not only create a negative impact on your guests but also deface the mood of the conversation. Thus, you should prudently decorate your living room so that it can reflect your aesthetic sense and artistic skills among your guests.

Here, we are mentioning some of the apartment living room ideas on a budget. And, don’t worry these are all cheap living room ideas apartment which will never burn your pocket.  Read on the details on renting out a house for the first time.

13 Best Low Budget Apartment Living Room Ideas:


1. Go for Bright Colours:


Go for bright colours

Colours will always create a good and big impact on the design and embellishment of your living room. If you can change the colour of the living room, then you can even make a tiny space look and feel larger and wider than it really is. Those days are gone when people used to prefer light and muted colours for their living room. Cheerful and vivacious colour will certainly lend an unusual warmth to your living space. So, you can go for lemon yellow or cheerful green instead of white or beige because it would be very difficult to surpass the glow of these shades.

2. Decorate with Furniture:


A furniture will certainly uplift the look and atmosphere of your living room. But buying furniture is an expensive endeavour. If you are looking for a budget-friendly idea, then don’t spend extravagantly on buying expensive furniture. Only a small table (round) and 2 sofas will create the luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, they will certainly make your guests comfortable and want to inspire them to spend some time in your living room. This idea is perfect for those who are busy and young and don’t want to spend an extra penny for their living room.

3. Go for Pictures and Artworks:

pictures and artworks

If you are looking for living room makeover ideas in a pocket-friendly way, then decorate your room with pictures and artworks. For this you don’t need to buy expensive paintings and pictures of the renowned artist, you can create the same magic by putting your own artworks and pictures in your living room. These will show your creativity and artistic mind in front of your guests. If you have children, then you can also exhibit their drawings, paintings and other handicrafts in the walls of your living room. Here are some of the best decor ideas for kids room

4. Choose Proper Lighting:


Lighting can certainly elevate the look of any room and lights are very imperative if you want to make your living room enchanting and mesmerizing. Even if you have a small living room, always choose your lights and lampshades prudently. Apart from artificial lightings, always open up the windows and make the passage for as much natural light as possible. Even moonlight on full moon evenings can add an astounding magic to the décor of your living room.

5. Add Mirror:


Add mirror

A mirror is one of the indispensable things for every living room specially for a small living room. If you are able to incorporate a large mirror on the wall, then it will certainly create an outstanding visual illusion of a spacious interior. You may also install a cabinet with glass to enhance the look and more functional options. Mirrors are responsible for creating an airy and attractive atmosphere for your living room interior. Moreover, a mirror will not cost very much and thus, by adding a mirror to your living room, you can change its look and appeal.

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6. Indoor Plants:


Indoor plants will not only enhance the look of your living room but they are also very good for your health. They can extirpate carbon monoxide from your home and embrace you with fresh oxygen. Usually, indoor plants purify the air inside your house and make the ambience inside the premises more happening and joyous so that you can enjoy a quality time with your family members. Moreover, indoor plants are not so much expensive and will come under your budget. You can also put indoor plants in the coloured vessels (use the same colour as your living room) and can place them in the corners of your living room.

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7. Blinds:



If you want to escape from the stereotype and the humdrum look of the curtains, then replace the traditional curtains of your living room’s windows and doors with blinds. This will not only accentuate the look of your interior but also make your living room unique and exclusive. Blinds are the indubitably the perfect addition which can easily enhance the features and décor of your living room. But these days’ blinds serve multi purposes than just adding some nice and marvellous decorations. The blinds are not only unique but by giving privacy and protecting your furnishings from the pernicious effect of sunlight, they can certainly add value to your home.

8. Go for Embellishment:


Sometimes you have many inexpensive pillows or cushions which are outdated and of no use. Instead of throwing these items, this is the time that by using these things you can renovate your living area. You can easily add fabric bands, tassels, fringes or vintage buttons to these pillows and cushions and can place them on your sofa and other furniture of your living room. This small change will certainly make your living room more decorative and beautiful.

9. Hang Plates:


Hang plates

If you are an Indian and are thinking how to decorate your living room in Indian style?, then stop thinking because here is the solution. The Indians are epicure persons and are fond of cooking. Every Indian must have a chunk of plates with different hues and texture at their home. So, why should you invest in expensive home decorative items? Rather you should try to use your own plates prudently to decorate your living room beautifully. Just put the dramatic plate in the centre and attach wire plate hangers and hang other plates on picture nails. Also checkout the tips for setting a terrace garden.

10. Use Jewel Tones:


Jewel tones will be another hit living room décor item. Now those days are gone when you used to decorate your dwelling with wall hangings and blue and pink photo frames. Now, these things are suppressed by jewel tones which are inspired by metals, space, stars, clouds and the cosmos. Metallics, metal and opal certainly add a dash of sparkle into these jewel tones and making them more interesting.

11. Add a Few Ottomans:



If you don’t want to spend money on buying expensive furniture or coffee table for your living room, then you can add some ottomans to your living room. Ottomans can be used as your coffee table for maximum versatility. You can use ottoman is many ways. You can easily add a glass tray at the top of the ottoman and make put a stylish flower vase or you can use them as extra seating.

12. Use Double Duty Furniture:


Nowadays, the markets are crammed with many furnitures which can perform many duties. There are certain decks which can act as dining tables or there are sofas which can be used as beds. So, try to purchase these kinds of furnitures which you can use in many ways. These furniture are ideal if you have small living area. Moreover, you can also save a lot of money with these stuff.

13. Don’t Forget the Ceiling:



While you are planning to give makeover to your living room to make more beautiful, don’t concentrate only on the floor, furniture, and the walls. You also need to pay an attention to the ceiling. Don’t paint only the furniture and wall, paint your ceiling with a soft shade of blue or white that mimics the sky and makes your living room more airy and open. 

The above we mentioned only some of the  If you can search on the internet, you can find many more such intriguing ideas which will definitely uplift the look of your living room in front of your guests.

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low budget apartment living room ideas

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