The Best Pets To Have In An Apartment

If you’re an animal lover who has just bought an apartment/ flat in Calicut, you don’t need to despair thinking you won’t be able to have a pet in your flat. Many people keep pets in their apartments, and you can too.

  • Ornamental Fish: These are great for an apartment; you can just put them in a small aquarium. They won’t take up more space than that, and they won’t get in your way! However, maintaining an aquarium is not easy, or cheap. You need to have proper aeration and filters in place, remember to feed them (unlike dogs or cats they won’t give you soulful looks when hungry!), clean the aquarium regularly, and watch your fish for signs of sickness. Fish are delicate and also die quicker than other pets, so be prepared! But there’s no denying that they are a delight to watch.
  • Birds: You can have a little more interaction with birds like lovebirds, parrots or canaries. You will need to make sure that the cage is sufficiently large so that your birdie has enough space to fly about. If your Calicut flat is not large enough, it may be difficult to do this. Some birds however, can be taught to go into a cage at night, and left to fly about within the apartment in the daytime. You will need to clean the cage frequently though – bird droppings can smell very foul.
  • Cats: These creatures have minds of their own; they may or may not stay put in your flat! If they do, be prepared to pander to all their whims and fancies. You can keep a litter box in a corner of your apartment for your cat’s toilet. Again, be prepared to clean the poop and put in a fresh layer of litter. Cats can be adorable pets – feed them at regular times, and make sure you get kitty a collar with bell, so you can catch her if she wanders to the kitchen! Cats don’t need much space, but you can put in a small bed and some toys, though she’s likely to take it to another area she prefers.
  • Dogs: The most loyal and loving of pets, having a pup or dog as pet is a full time commitment. Choose a breed that’s less energetic, like a pug, bulldog, great Dane and so on; you also need to pick according to the size. You will have to take the dog out for walks for its exercise and toilet needs. Make a safe haven for your doggie in a corner of your flat in Calicut – a bed, toys, food and water bowls; he will be happy. Be prepared to have your sofa, bed etc. to be invaded by your furry friend! You will also need to train your pup so that your neighbors are not inconvenienced by frequent loud barking.

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