Is your Apartment Free of Pests?

Congratulations on the purchase of your new apartment in Calicut! It is an exciting time – you have so much to plan and do; interiors, paints, furnishings and so on. But don’t forget something very important – eliminating pests. You may think how can pests be there in a new flat? Well, new or not, pests will get into your home. They can crawl through the drain pipes or be hatched from microscopic eggs in groceries you purchase from your local supermarket. However, the situation can be managed. Here are some tips and options to keep pests away:

  • Call the professionals – a pest control company uses sprays and traps to get rid of cockroaches, ants, mice and so on. Though most companies use chemicals, herbal sprays are also available in Calicut nowadays. The biggest advantage is that it’s quick and convenient; however, professional pest control can be expensive, and may not be recommended if you have young kids, elderly people or anyone with allergies.
  • Clean up always – don’t leave any food or even scraps lying about in the kitchen or the floor. Zip up or tie any open snack bags. Wipe or mop up spills immediately, and discard any unwanted or unusable food immediately. Keep your garbage cans tightly shut at all times. Check sofa corners and bedspreads for food crumbs and wrappers. Clean out your refrigerator regularly.
  • Keep your apartment dry – pests thrive in wet conditions. So if your flat in Calicut has leaks anywhere, get it fixed immediately. Install an exhaust fan in your bathroom and ensure the floor is dried soon after showering.
  • Physical barriers – install insect-proof netting on your windows and the main door to keep put mosquitoes flies and other flying pests. There is a danger of rodents chewing through 0 but you can try other methods to keep them out.
  • De-Clutter – keeping too much stuff, especially old papers, magazines, plastic stuff and so on, is giving an invitation to cockroaches, spiders and termites. Clear out unwanted stuff regularly so that you don’t let these pests in.
  • Aromatic herbs – lavender, mint, lemongrass etc. are all plants you can easily grow in Calicut flats. The smells of such plants keep mosquitoes, flies and other pests at bay – and leaves your home smelling great too! A mixture of eucalyptus oil and camphor can be sprinkled or sprayed near windows.
  • Seal all openings – make sure you fix any small gaps or cracks that may appear, especially at points where pipes leave the walls, exterior outlets, stripping around windows and doors and so on.

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