If you are considering investing in prime property in Calicut, then you should definitely consider projects by HiLITE Builders – one of the most reputable builders in the state of Kerala. In just a few years’ time, we have made a name for themselves as a company that never compromises on quality and security, and delivers world class living experiences through their luxurious and spacious apartments and office spaces.

HiLITE Builders also were the first to plan and build a mixed-use development in Kerala. This is a popular concept in Western countries and some countries in the Middle East, but very rare in India. There too, such developments are usually executed by the Government or civic authorities. HiLITE Builders took a page out of the town planning followed by developed nations and presented Kerala with this futuristic lifestyle.

A mixed-use development is where one property is divided into a few types – living spaces, office spaces, entertainment, shopping, and so on. HiLITE City is our magnum opus: a piece of prime real estate in Calicut that combines living, working and having fun – all in the same space. The two apartment buildings – Corinth and Leptis offer a whole new luxury lifestyle to the people of Calicut, with world-class amenities, landscaped gardens, premium fittings and round the clock security; the spacious apartments are laid out to offer maximum convenience to the residents. This is one home, you won’t feel like getting out of!

Very close to the apartment buildings is the Business Park – with spacious office spaces that offer expansive views of the greenery outside, well-maintained common areas, centralized air conditioning, 5 elevators, a large number of rest rooms on every floor, a multipurpose auditorium, conference room, rooftop cafeteria and an open air amphitheater – it is the most sought after business address in Calicut today.

Adjacent to the Business Park is the HiLITE Mall. International clothing and footwear brands, restaurant chains, multi-level assisted parking, games arena, kids’ play areas and a massive food court with different food counters of varying national and international cuisines so there is something to please everyone’s palates – everything you would hope to see in a world-class mall. A multi-screen movie cinema is also expected to start its operations in the near future.

This is in keeping with our dream for Calicut city: live, work, play – you can live, work, shop, and have fun, all in the same space. Life becomes comfortable when you have so much convenience at your doorsteps!

When you invest in a Calicut property of this quality, and with all these world class facilities, you will experience a whole new lifestyle; the likes of which has never been experienced in this city.

Come, explore HiLITE City; open the doors to luxurious, comfortable living today!